March 21st, 2011

Facebook Best Practices

by Mel Beasley

Best Practices

1. Construct the perfect profile picture. Facebook profile pictures are one of the most important factors in capturing a user’s initial attention; therefore, it is crucial to have a clear, eye catching image that perfectly represents your business and your brand. In order for your thumbnail to contain your brand logo, you must remember that Facebook crops your photo with a 12 pixel border and that Facebook thumbnails are square with rounded corners.

2. Captivating conversations matter!  That means doing more than inserting a post, a link or a picture periodically on the page. You should comment on posts made by fans, answer their questions in a timely fashion, add value to those posts with additional information and encourage more interaction. Make sure people know that you are personally updating the page and it’s not just a feed.

3. Integrate other Facebook entities. The sections on the left side of the page should be intelligently selected with one goal in mind: Enabling your fans to do more and spread the word. Add a welcome page or a mailing list page where fans can add themselves to your email list. You can also add a shopping cart to allow fans to purchase your products directly and securely through Facebook. Ex: Warehouse Skateboards Welcome Page, Join My List & Shop Now.

4. Statistics are extremely important: Facebook Insights allows you to understand which posts are encouraging your fans to interact and engage with you by analyzing trends in your Facebook data. Make sure to conform to your demographics, too. Whatever works should be continued!

5. Make your fans feel special.  Reward fans for participating, let them know you are watching and encourage additional engagement. Make someone a fan of the week; allow fans to link to your Facebook page and website so that they stand out as an extended member of the brand family. Do things that are unique to your Facebook fan page only.

6. Use outside properties to promote the page: Too often enough, people create their business page and never receive the desired audience. Use all of your communication properties to build up your Facebook. Mention your Facebook in your blog, on your website and in your ads. If you prioritize brand promo in front of conversation on your Facebook fan page, expect an inactive fan base.

7. Facebook fans love photos and videos.  Tagging your fans from event photos and videos is just a simple, obvious way to make them feel like they are part of the community. In fact, you should be encouraging them to upload their own photos and videos.

8. Limit the number of posts. No one wants their Facebook page flooded with useless posting, but you don’t want your fans to forget about you either. It is best to post about 3-4 times a day at the most in order to maximize your fan base according to their Facebook timing.

9. Always add variety. It is best to post a variety of different things to add value to your page and keep fans interested. If you consecutively post multiple photos, links or videos than your fans will lose their interest quickly. So make sure to change it up every time or every other time in order to keep your fans captivated.

10. Expand your reach. Facebook is the best way to interact with your loyal customers and prospects. These days a “Like” is just as good as a lead. Throughout our own analysis we have found that one way to obtain “likes” is by simply running Facebook ads.  These ads should target your customer demographic, link directly to your Facebook page,  include an enticing thumbnail picture and creative ad copy.

If you are looking for innovative ideas or have any questions, our expert designers, programmers and marketers are here to help you with your next project. Contact us to move your business to a new level of Facebook success.

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