Ten Signs You Need a New Website
August 1st, 2013

10 Signs You Need a New Website

by Vicki Vasil

Your website should always put your brand’s best foot forward. Think about it. It’s the number one connection most of your customers and potential customers have with your company. And like the rest of your marketing, it needs to be updated often. Most sites have a two to three year lifespan, if that. Calling for upgrades here and there can prevent the massive overhaul that occurs when you wait five years. Your site needs to evolve with your business. Because one thing is for sure—if your site is outdated, it’s mismatched with your brand. Just like if you were wearing an old ratty pair of shoes with a high-fashion, perfectly tailored suit, people will notice. And they’ll be turned off by it. Here are ten surefire ways you know your site is a dinosaur.

1- Your site is TINYAs monitor resolution increased, and with the introduction of the 16:9 HD view, your site missed the memo. This issue is listed first because if your site falls in this category, it might even be from the 90s! What else do you use in your marketing campaign that is ten years old? Nothing? We thought so.

2- There is a splash page that prompts users to “Enter Site.” Another sign that your site hasn’t been updated in over five years. That alone is a giant, red flag flapping in the breeze. The splash-flash trend is long gone. Let’s get rid of it.

3- Your site is just sooooo. Slowwwwww. 40% of people will leave a site that doesn’t load in three seconds, and with every second you lose 7% conversion. Not only is it annoying, it means a lot more $$ in lost sales than it would take to upgrade your site speed!

4- Your site is one page. And we’re not talking about the fancy “one page” scrolling homepages that are trending right now (note: look for a sexy new Sage Island website coming soon). We need to get your site optimized for SEO and that starts with a multi-leveled site that helps better organize your company info, for starters. It will also provide you with a greater presence in search results which is what a website is about these days.

5- You can’t update your own content. Is that why it’s so stale? Your copy references products from years past, and half of the staff on the About page doesn’t even work there anymore. But your nephew or that tech guy who built your site is nowhere to be found so you just leave the site as it is. Don’t fret—we can fix it so you can update your site yourself over your morning coffee.

6- You can’t find your own website in Google or Bing. Uh-oh. One of the fundamental driving forces of business is having your site optimized so that current customers and potential ones can find your site, learn about your business, and contact you or even make a purchase online. The best thing is, once we get a hold of your site you’ll begin seeing results right away.

7- Your site only works in Internet Explorer version 7. Or 8. Um, IE 7 was the most recent Explorer version seven years ago. While browsers are constantly changing their security and structure, the best way to keep up with that is to refresh your site on a regular basis. Our team always provides site design that is optimized and easily adaptable to the most current browser versions.

8- Your site isn’t mobile friendly. Like, it won’t even load on a phone. Well, listen to this: about 30% of mobile phone users (that’s 30% of about 90 million who have smartphones) browse the web. And 15% will make purchases from their mobile phone or tablet this year. While you don’t have to go all out and get a custom mobile design for your site, there are things we can do to make sure your site is at least friendly on these devices.

9- Your site doesn’t link to your social media sites. Social conversation is one of the driving forces to connect and communicate with your customer. Your networks should link back and forth to your site, and you can even auto-sync the most recent conversations with your website.

10- Your competitor’s site is just, well, so much cooler! You bet your customer is going to judge you by your website. It’s human nature, whether you like it or not. And if your competitor’s site is brighter, faster, more organized and more optimized than yours, people are going to gravitate towards it. And you know you’re better than them. So let’s make sure your website reinforces that.

If your site has even one of these issues, Sage Island can help get your site back to looking its best on the web. We can make sure your customers can find you, and when they do, that the translation from your physical business or service matches the look and feel of your digital one. Contact us today to issue a complimentary audit, and we’ll come back with some solutions to give your site the refresh it needs, whether it’s just some back end work, a dynamic new design, or a complete overhaul.


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