November 11th, 2011

2011 LinkTech Changes

by sage island

What does a site ‘reskin’, database driven product display, part number converter, engaging social news tool (blog), tradeshow graphic and a catalog revamp all have in common? Well…LinkTech of course!

Being a long time customer of Sage Island, over the years LinkTech has sought out our design services for both the website and print pieces, as well as our custom programming and internet marketing services. As each year unfolds, we are honored to work with the team at LinkTech to constantly update the website and marketing materials, and proudly this year we took a big step and made some major changes across the board:

Site Reskin:
It was time for a new look! Keeping in line with existing branding, our team came up with a new design that softens the color palette of LinkTech and modernizes the overall look, while not drastically changing the brand recognition.

Database Driven Product Display/Part Number Converter:
When the site first launched a couple years ago, each product was manually entered into the website, which was perfect for then—but over the years LinkTech has expanded products due to rapid growth of new customer orders (read more here on this growth) and therefore needed a simpler solution in keeping products updated on the website and therefore we custom programmed a database for product display.

With all that data already in a database, we then took it a step further and programmed a Part Number Converter where you can enter the competitor’s part number and it will display the LinkTech’s compatible part. You can test it out by entering the competitor’s part: PMC1002.

Engaging Social News Tool (Blog):
With so many changes taking place in LinkTech, we all determined it was time to promote, boast and spread the great news and to do so we created a blog. This blog feeds up to 5 of the latest post to the home page of the website and is skinned to visually match the look and feel of the website for a seamless transition from website to blog platforms.

Tradeshow Graphic:
To gear up for the tradeshows, we created a banner stand that parallels the site and catalog’s new look and feel.

Catalog Revamp:
The 2011 revamp of the catalog was a biggie including a ton of new products, new cover and new technical pages for each product series. The catalog grew from 19 pages to 36!

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