Five Things that Make Sage Island Different
August 5th, 2013

5 Things that Make Sage Island Different

by Vicki Vasil

Choosing a marketing agency is a lot like online dating. All those buzzwords and photo galleries mean nothing until you really see how we work together and what we can do for your business. Here are a few things about us you might not know that we hope intrigue you. We’d love to get to know your brand, or to take our current relationship to the next level.

1- Our agency grew up with the internet.
We aren’t an agency that added digital marketing and web development to our arsenal, or a pair of college kids who started a business so they can stay by the beach. We were founded in 1997, just as the mainstream world was becoming acquainted with the www. Our founders were web programmers who easily adapted and evolved with the increasing need for businesses to set up a digital presence ahead of their competitors.

2- Our team’s got big talent.
Everyone knows the employment landscape in Wilmington is competitive (who doesn’t love Wilmington?) and Sage Island is proud to sift through the scores of marketing professionals competing for a job in this gem of a town, scoring a stellar assembly of whippersnappers who could each just as easily be working at a big-city agency. So you get the best of both: big agency talent, and a boutique agency approach.

3- We are constantly changing things.
You don’t have to worry about the fact that search engines, social media platforms and web browsers change almost every single day. Our team, led by forward-thinking CEO and Creative Director Mike Duncan, is not afraid to test new technology as it comes out and make sure our clients’ sites are kept at the forefront of online marketing trends and, of course, their industries. Change is always good, especially on the web. Trust us to comb through the marketing landscape and filter the changes you should have us implement from the concepts that are fleeting.

4- We collaborate all the time.
The talents in our agency cross over at so many levels. And that is why collaboration is important. An hour won’t go by that our teams aren’t meeting to brainstorm, troubleshoot or strategize as a unit. Synergy of ideas from a group are how we thrive as an agency and why our clients thrive in their industries. You don’t get this level of thoughtful, cohesive work from a graphic designer plugged into ear phones working from his parents’ house.

5- We don’t just churn out websites. We build brands.
We take on every single project we work on, from back end SEO to websites, brochures and emails, from scratch. We never take the same approach for any two clients. Sure, it takes some extra investigative and brainstorming time, but that is why you hire us, not to drop your logo and copy into a document and spit out the same strategies and solutions for every customer. We nurture your brand in all of its forms, and separately from all other brands.

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