February 19th, 2018

Amputation Prevention Centers of America

by Gregory Mason


RestorixHealth, a leader in the development and management of comprehensive wound healing and hyperbaric therapy centers, expanded its services to include an amputation prevention program, complete with the specialized centers operating as a network under the name Amputation Prevention Centers of America.

When it came time to update the network’s online presence, RestorixHealth called on Sage Island to redesign the Amputation Prevention Centers of America website and create a cohesive, engaging online presence for its network of clinics.


The client approached us with specific design and functionality parameters that would unify the separate centers under one name.

The Amputation Centers for America website needed to not only inform site visitors of the network’s general offerings, but it had to direct them to unique landing pages for their preferred Amputation Prevention Center location. Sage Island’s team was happy to construct a website that allowed each center its own identity, while still including them within the broader network of clinics.


Powerful Tools

To accomplish this, our development team adapted a tool allowing visitors to use their zip code to instantly find the nearest clinic location. We incorporated the map into the Amputation Prevention Centers for America site, along with links to each clinic’s landing page, allowing visitors to quickly and intuitively access information appropriate to their location and medical needs.

Intuitive Functionality

Another aspect of improving the APCA website’s functionality was restructuring the navigation to give certain pages more prominence. We brought services and specialties as well as testimonials into the primary navigation menu because we felt that information was especially valuable to potential patients and needed to be easily accessible. We also highlighted services and specialties above-the-fold on our eye-catching homepage.

Cohesive Branding

We carried that dynamic aesthetic throughout the website’s layout. Our design team worked within APCA’s existing brand standards but cultivated a modern, engaging appearance with clean, simple graphics, a sans-serif typeface, and large images.

See the results here.

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