July 11th, 2012

Archiving Your Instagram Photos

by Kaylie Soule

Pictures of home cooked meals, sunsets and what would regularly be a pretty mundane photo have turned hipster-cool with Instagram’s filters and sharing capabilities. If you’ve been snapping away to share all these details with followers, Tweeters and Facebook friends alike, you may have wondered how to back-up and preserve all those memories should something happen to your phone or Instagram account. Alas, backup tools have been created for both PC’s and Mac’s to do just that.

For PC Users:
This free Instagram Downloader will quickly download all the pictures for any user you type into the downloader tool. Scary!

For Mac Users:
This simple, free app, called InstaBackup will download all your Instagram pictures in one fell swoop.

InstaDesk2 on the other hand, has a lot more bells and whistles and will set you back $4.99, but gives you the ability to manage multiple users.

Happy sharing!

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