September 21st, 2016

Axis Fitness + Training

by Mara D’Auria

Axis Fitness + Training is a local Wilmington fitness facility with a focus on group and personal training.

Through scientific assessments, strength training, conditioning, and the use of heart rate monitors, the coaches focus on your individual progress and seeing results.

The Challenge

As a new facility in town, Axis wanted to establish and improve their search engine ranking for workout facilities in Wilmington, NC.

They also wanted to provide clear information and images to potential new members about what makes their gym stand out from the rest. Being a very specialized workout format, it was important to them that their method was clearly portrayed to the public. After consulting with the coaches at Axis Fitness + Training, Sage Island knew that their biggest opportunity to introduce themselves to the local fitness community was through a new and improved website design.

The Solution

The team at Sage Island went to work at revamping Axis’s website, in order to better engage their members and expand their following. We achieved this by implementing a few strategies.

We reorganized the structure of the website.

In order to create and maintain a unified style for the Axis brand, we used the same layout and fonts on each page. We also broke the website into different pages that focused on different services that Axis offers. Not only are focused pages good for SEO and keyword optimization, they’re also great for users who want to find information quickly and efficiently. Because Axis is committed to reaching new members and improving the lives of existing ones, landing pages include “Fitness Programs, “Trainers,” and “Nutrition.” There is also an interactive “Schedule” where visitors can view the day’s offerings and reserve their spot.

We incorporated professional photos from real workouts.

A professional photographer attended one of the group fitness trainings at Axis to capture real-life photos that would best represent what a class might look like. These photos were integrated throughout the website in order to give the viewer a clear idea what they might see when they at the gym or in a class. The photos also highlight the personalized coaching that comes with being a member of Axis Fitness Training. Because Wilmington, NC has many gyms and competition for members is fierce, it was important to avoid stock photography and ensure that the imagery we used was original, unique, and true to the Axis experience.

We improved Search Engine Optimization.

Sage Island’s marketing team used keyword optimization in order to push Axis Fitness + Training to the top of searches when customers search for gyms and workout facilities in Wilmington, NC. Through a number of SEO strategies (many of which are outlined in our 2016 Search Engine Optimization Kit) we were able to help Axis jump to the coveted first page of Google results for terms such as, “Wilmington NC Fitness,” and “Total Body Workout in Wilmington NC.” This will increase the number of visits to their website and, ultimately, to their gym.

The Results

Axis Fitness + Training now has a website that best portrays the mission and purpose of the gym.

We believe that the new style of the website is more inviting, appealing, and organized—just like Axis. See the website for yourself, and be prepared to burn some calories because you might be tempted to sign up for their next class!   

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