February 14th, 2017

Axis Yoga + Studio Website Design

by Mara D’Auria

In 2016, we redesigned the website for local fitness studio, Axis Fitness + Training. This facility focuses on group and personal training through assessments, strength training, conditioning, and the use of heart rate monitors.

Not to mention, the coaches are committed to helping their clients achieve personal fitness goals and see results. Throughout the past year, Axis has proven to be one of the best studios in town for people who truly want to make a healthy lifestyle change. Because of their success and steady growth, the Axis team decided to open a yoga studio to better encompass all aspects of physical fitness. Axis Yoga + Studio opened their doors to a packed house at their grand opening event at the beginning of February!

The Challenge

Prior to their awesome grand opening event, we wanted to ensure that the Axis Yoga + Studio website was up and running. Being that the yoga study is a part of the Axis Fitness + Training identity, they wanted to parallel the new website with the current Axis Fitness + Training website.

Our graphic design team and programmers at Sage Island began working to incorporate Axis Yoga + Studio identity into the current website.

The Solution

Although Axis Yoga + Studio is in a separate location from Axis Fitness + Training, it is certainly a piece of the Axis family and identity. Therefore, the owners wanted to ensure that both were equally displayed and accessible on the home page of the website.

Our design team created neighboring columns, evenly splitting the home page into two parts: Fitness + Training and Yoga + Studio. Once you click the “Discover” button, you are led into a more detailed outline of what Axis Yoga + Studio entails. You can scroll through the variety of classes offered, complete bios with photos of each individual instructor, and a schedule that provides an online opportunity to register for a class.

By focusing on the blue color tones from the current Axis Yoga + Studio logo, our design team worked on producing a more calming look and feel to rest directly beside the darker blues of the Axis Fitness + Training portion of the website. The light blue, which creates a serene feeling, is visually appealing and complimenting of the darker blues. Overall, the theme of the new yoga website collaborates completely with the existing fitness website, creating an easily-navigable flow of information and a user-friendly experience.

The Results

Axis Fitness Yoga Studio Web Development

Axis Yoga + Studio now has branding that associates them directly with the original Axis family, and their new website clearly represents their mission of building a community of love, support, and strength through the practice of yoga.

We are excited to incorporate this new look into the Axis website and look forward to future projects with this incredible fitness family!

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