January 2nd, 2018

Bald Head Island Services

by Gregory Mason


Bald Head Island Services is all about making a house a home. Renting a beach house, purchasing a new residence, or providing one’s own home for someone else to rent is easy with this team of dedicated property managers that happen to know the island like the backs of their hands.

Ready and willing to assist in all real estate ventures along their very own coast, each of the agents, property managers, and staff members use their areas of expertise to help residents feel at home, day in and day out.


The most challenging part of redesigning Bald Head Island Services’ website was keeping that friendly yet professional vibe even as it gained new pieces and embellishments.

With this in mind, the team at Sage Island decided to take each part of the website that we intended to address and do so with an individualized approach.


Expanded Informational Sections

In order to really showcase the expertise of the team, we wanted to give potential renters and buyers just a hint as to the kinds of tips and resources that they’d be privy to by working with Bald Head Island Services. Before, the website included utilitarian descriptions and the basic idea behind the many services rendered by the company on all fronts. After a little tweaking from the Sage Island crew, the site now features more local area information and further details about what renters and buyers can expect in transactions with the property managers.

Imagery and Design

With so many great scenes to choose from on the island itself, we just knew that Bald Head Island Services needed to showcase not just the images relevant to their particular skill sets, but also the photos that would illustrate what made the area so unique.

Logo Redesign

Anyone who’s done business with Bald Head Island Services has seen the bright pink cart – you can’t miss it. Because it was so iconic, we thought it needed a special place in the company brand. To that end, our design team came up with a new logo that would incorporate the basic outline of the cart with the company name to give it a little personal touch and set it apart from the rest.

See the results here.

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