May 24th, 2018

Block, Crouch, Keeter, Behm & Sayed, LLP

by Katie Sasser


Back Story

Block, Crouch, Keeter, Behm & Sayed, LLP is a Wilmington-based law practice founded in 1996. Its eight attorneys specialize in a variety of practice areas, including litigation, family law, estate planning, business law, property transactions, and mediation and arbitration.

The practice also has a sizeable support staff and a beautiful office space near the waterfront in downtown Wilmington.


BCK enlisted Sage Island’s help to redesign its website to be more dynamic and easy to navigate, showcasing the practice’s established reputation in the Wilmington community while highlighting each of the attorney’s individual practice areas for potential clients.


Intuitive Sitemap

BCK’s existing website had numerous pages filled with content, but the information wasn’t easy for a first-time visitor to navigate through or consume. We implemented strategic organization to ensure that, rather than getting lost in the website on a search for specific services, visitors could easily click through to the pages that best suited their needs.

We organized the site with a primary navigation linking to overarching categories like firm background, attorney profiles, practice areas, news, client reviews, and contact information. Below that, we created six rotating sliders, each with a brief overview of a specific practice area and a link to the corresponding landing page. We created further hierarchy with a sidebar menu and an expandable contact form on every page.

We also utilized their extensive blog content better by linking those blog articles about specific practice areas to the complementary landing page, thus creating a network of information for potential clients to peruse before they even approach BCK regarding a particular case.

Engaging Copywriting

The existing site contained plenty of information, but it wasn’t written or organized in a way that was easily absorbed by the average site visitor. Our copywriting team reordered the copy with a hierarchy that made sense given the key objectives of the website, and rewrote it in language that was relatable but still maintained a professional tone befitting BCK’s legal prowess.

Clean, Dynamic Design

The client came to us with an existing logo and color palette, but, to add more visual interest, our design team selected an accent color—yellow—to complement the client’s blue and teal. The complementary accent color allowed our team to highlight certain items, like calls-to-action and testimonials, while maintaining a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.

We also updated the typefaces; the juxtaposition of a modern sans-serif font for headers and an elegant serif font for body copy reinforced BCK’s identity as businesslike but approachable.

See the results here.

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