Bluewave Dentistry website re-design & development launch
March 15th, 2012

BlueWave Dentistry Gets a Site Makeover

by sage island

BlueWave Dentistry helps improve smiles…and we helped improve this website! Back in 2010 we launched the new site for the newly rebranded BlueWave Dentistry—here we helped transform Sweeney Dental Care into the sophisticated and cool BlueWave Dentistry through naming, logo creation and website development. Fast forward to 2012, we were faced with the new challenge of updating the site’s look to reflect the slick, modern and innovative style of BlueWave Dentistry’s practice and office. They do their job on staying up-to-date on dental technology, and we do ours by showing them how to stay current with their online presence by adding social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Blog and side follow graphic) to the site, changing the layout and design to be wider, crisp and more minimalist, as well as re-work some of the wordier pages in a 2 column approach for ease of reading. Additionally, BlueWave Dentistry took advantage of our email promoting our services for the discounted Facebook Timeline Presence and it now matches the 2012 site—all very smooth.

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