September 15th, 2010

BlueWave’s Logo Comes to Life!

by sage island

We are so excited (and proud) to spread the news about BlueWave Dentistry’s NEW building! We are so happy for them and proud to have been a part of this rebranding experience! Over the past year they have grown in staff and clients and are now located in a brand new building with their new look! They sought out our services last year for help in rebranding and a website creation. After providing logo creative services, we helped them transform the old ‘General Dentistry’ logo into the new BlueWave logo. It is so great to see this logo come to life and take its mark on the new building! Congratulations, BlueWave Dentistry and thanks for letting Sage Island be a part of your rebranding!

Old Logo:

New Logo:

Logo translated on new building:

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