January 22nd, 2009

Breaking through the noise to communicate your brand

by sage island

Think about it — you wake up to the radio, watch your favorite morning television show, surf the web at work and are constantly bombarded by advertisements all day. Over the course of a single day, a typical adult will see hundreds to thousands of advertisements.  How will your company break from the noise to actually invite potential customers to interact with your brand?

Here are some tips to help your company stand out in the media saturated digital age:

Have a strong corporate identity.

This is your brand and how you project this to the world. A clear and legible logo that is memorable and visually represents your business will help your potential customers to remember your company. A strong logo can include a mark, a tagline, or an image to fully represent your brand. The colors and professionalism will also affect how consumers perceive your brand. Reds are stimulating, blues and greens are healing and calm, and yellows are happy and optimistic.

Utilize non-traditional communication.

By thoroughly researching and knowing your target audiences, you will have insightful information about the activities they participate in and the places they go. Use this knowledge as a venue to reach out to the customers when they are not expecting it. This can also include advertising with complementary products. For example, if my company sold skateboard decks, I would want my product at local skate parks and available to skaters in the event of a rider breaking their board. Complementary products and services could include grip tape, snacks, or skateboarding lessons. Diversify where and how you communicate with potential customers.

Offer superior value.

What makes you different from your competitors? Is it excellent and responsive customer service, fast lead times, or a high quality product? Customers want to know what value your products and services offer. How you communicate these value-added attributes of your products and services will greatly influence how potential consumers perceive your brand. Make your company memorable by providing a superior value to your customers and clearly communicating this distinctive trait.

It's more than a message in a bottle.

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