October 27th, 2017

The Preserve at Tidewater

by Mike Duncan

In Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, 333 acres of private coastal land house a newly developed community: The Preserve at Tidewater. Now, it’s known for its family-friendly environment as well as its proximity to the scenic coast.

But when the company first approached us to market its little slice of heaven?

No ground had even been broken. So how to introduce and get people excited for a neighborhood that didn’t technically exist yet? We got the chance to build the community’s identity from the ground up and really make it work for the brand’s goals.

Like any good brand strategy, this one started by identifying just what those goals were, who we needed to speak to, and what about the area would factor into our design and language decisions.

Just as it says in our brand identity kit, it isn’t just about the message itself but how it links back to company culture and speaks for you. For The Preserve, that meant putting forward shared American values to military families stationed at Camp Lejeune, as well as an appreciation for the area’s natural delights in order to engage with retirees and other potential homebuyers.

Another key component to building your brand – and something we needed to establish for The Preserve – are color, font, and other design choices.

While these may not seem as important when you’re faced with creating an entire identity, just remember that these are the elements most people notice first. For The Preserve, this meant incorporating outdoor imagery, earth tones, and casual yet informative language about the area and amenities for new residents.

And above all else, we needed to make sure that our selections were aspects that The Preserve and its staff could get behind and use well into the future. To ensure we were all on the same page, and that there wouldn’t be any confusion as to style later down the road, we established the style guide. This would help shape any future web pages, blog posts, and social media campaigns, whether the content is posted by the Sage Island team or someone on The Preserve’s staff.

Though it seems a daunting task, cultivating a brand’s identity is especially important to a new endeavor. But don’t let the process of getting started weigh you down – here at Sage Island, building identities and creating voices is just what we do. If you’re at a loss for how to identify yourself, check out what we did for The Preserve at Tidewater and a plethora of other great clients, then contact us to get started.

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