The Workers' Compensation Law Firm
December 9th, 2016

Building an Organic and Paid Online Presence for The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

by Gregory Mason

The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm is a team of lawyers providing legal services throughout the Carolinas and representing clients in the worker’s compensation legal system. The law firm previously worked with Sage Island on updating the look and functionality of their website, but their determination to be North and South Carolina’s choice for a workers’ compensation law firm didn’t stop there.


Soon following the launch of their website, The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm decided to enlist Sage Island’s expertise in order to build their online presence through paid advertising and ongoing content development. For PPC, their challenge was to establish and create brand awareness, capture conversions, and stay competitive in their industry. For greater organic results, their challenge was to establish expertise and authority in their industry through fresh website content and consistent blog posts.



Sage Island’s PPC experts went to work building a traditional search campaign targeting those seeking a North or South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer. With the assistance of keyword research, we were able to build a relevant and competitive keyword list that not only best represents what The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm offers, but also triggers potential users’ search queries. Multiple ads were created with unique copy to better test what performs better and drives higher quality traffic to their website. We also included call and sitelink extensions to further optimize click-through-rate and ad quality score. Call extensions allow users to directly call The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm and sitelink extensions provide users with the opportunity to explore other areas of the website. Finally, we built a custom landing page with a unique contact form to connect to their ads. Because the contact form is only associated with the landing page, The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm can better track when paid advertising generates leads.


Sage Island’s content development experts began their initiatives with an overall site assessment – looking into areas that content could be further expanded upon, or developed into new pages. In addition to writing monthly informational blog posts that answer common questions about workers’ compensation, we decided to further build out their “Injuries” and “Who We Rep” sections.

The “Injuries” section included an overview landing page of workplace injuries they represent, plus individual landing pages for each workplace injury. Our content writers refined each workplace injury landing page – expanding on existing information and providing new resources for those who may be suffering from any of these injuries. The “Who We Rep” section started out as a landing page with a bullet list of work industries their attorneys represent. Like the “Injuries” section, we developed content and built out landing pages for each industry. To further improve upon organic rank, we also implemented search engine optimization best practices onto each page of their website, including good use of keywords inserted seamlessly throughout content, strong headers and sub-headers, and clear and effective page meta data.



Since their pay-per-click campaign launch in early 2015, The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm has successfully and effectively cemented their firm in the top rankings of paid advertising. They have a steady flow of phone calls to their office and leads from users who fill out and submit a contact form on their website.


Since their content development and search engine optimization strategy launched in early 2015, The Workers’ Compensation Law Firm is in the top rankings for those seeking a North or South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer. And with the consistency of producing new client for users monthly, they’re also continuing to build their reputation and authority in the local industry. It’s been an exciting journey working with them on digital marketing efforts and we look forward to their ongoing growth and business success as we continue to help build their online presence through paid and organic marketing strategies.