March 27th, 2014

CEO and Creative Director Mike Duncan Presents at UNCW Business Week

by Steph DeLuca

Earlier this week, Sage Island CEO and Creative Director Mike Duncan presented on Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Web Development at the 2014 UNCW Business Week at the Cameron School of Business. Duncan is an expert on web development and marketing, having transformed what began as a small startup into Sage Island, a full-scale digital marketing agency, over the course of 17 years. Mike used his years of experience and success to educate his audience about harnessing the power of social media marketing, and successfully integrating it into a marketing strategy. His presentation dove deep into the finer points of content generation and business strategy, and also discussed the power of storytelling and relationship building.

Mike, a designer at his core, ensures Sage Island’s process is dynamic by allowing for creativity to be paramount, leading the way to powerful marketing solutions for its clients. Duncan emphasized the importance of strategy – the need for a plan prior to any creative move – in order for any marketing plan to be successful. According to Duncan, “Content isn’t king. Your content strategy is.”

From there, he outlined the key steps to building a successful marketing campaign founded on quality content and storytelling tactics:

1. Determine objectives
2. Identify personas
3. Develop key messages
4. Develop stories
5. Nail down channels
6. Confirm resources and workflows
7. Create content
8. Optimize for search engines
9. Distribute content
10. Listen, respond, measure, react

Duncan’s take-away message was the idea that marketing is more about relationship building than it is about sales—a brand’s initiatives will fall flat without customer loyalty. His presentation gave business students hands-on, practical solutions for how to build that loyalty from the ground up and help grow businesses.

Other UNCW presentations included Chuck Whitlock, award-winning investigative reporter, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey of Barefoot Wine, Robert Keith of Meriden Marketing and Logistics, James Rouse of Orthopedic Specialists, and Lynn Whitesall of PPD.

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