June 7th, 2018

Children’s Flight of Hope

by Katie Sasser

Back Story

Children’s Flight of Hope is a North Carolina-based nonprofit that provides air transportation for children who need help accessing specialized medical care.

The organization’s founder, a pilot himself, wanted to help sick children receive care at whatever hospital best suited the child’s needs, regardless of its location. Children’s Flight of Hope works with airlines to provide a child and one of his or her family members with tickets on commercial or private flights: whichever is readily available to help them access that treatment.


Children’s Flight of Hope asked Sage Island to redesign its website to showcase its mission, process, involvement opportunities, and testimonials from the children or family members that the organization has aided since the organization’s launch.

The website needed to serve both informational and marketing purposes: detailing the transportation application process, while also encouraging the general public to support the nonprofit’s mission. As such, the website also had to appeal to two audiences: those interested in using the service and those interested in supporting it.


Homepage Structure

Children’s Flight of Hope’s existing website was fairly small, so our development team populated the homepage with call-to-action buckets, imagery and testimonials – all of which included internal links – in order to build out the website and make it more robust.

Bold Calls-To-Action

Our design and development team created four large buttons above the fold on the homepage: apply for transportation, learn about COFH, get involved, and donate to CFOH. Highlighting these sections allows website visitors to immediately access the part of the site that is relevant to their purposes.

Engaging Video

We embedded a full-width, looping video on the Children’s Flight of Hope homepage. The short video shows a young patient deplaning with the guidance of family and volunteers. The video not only added a professional, eye-catching element on the homepage, but it also reinforced the Children’s Flight of Hope story and mission by providing an actual experience as a leading example of the way the organization works with children and families every step of the way.

Internal Page Organization

Certain informational pages on the site, like the page detailing the Children’s Flight of Hope process and listing the numerous participating airports and airlines, were very long. Our design team refined these pages using an accordion feature, allowing site visitors the option to show and hide information rather than scroll through lengthy paragraphs.

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