April 15th, 2010

Coast Host Receives a Face lift!

by sage island

Long time client Coast Host has recently undergone a website face lift! Over the years we have done small edits to their site while also managing their SEO and PPC. While we have done a great job driving the qualified traffic to the website, Coast Host discussed with us ways to decrease their bounce rate and increase the length of time spent on the website. After reviewing the monthly reports and having a brief consultation, we decided it would be advantageous to redesign the home page to be more visually exciting and updated.

You can view the before and after shots below.



You can see we have incorporated rich graphics, a more modern color palette and callouts to drive viewers to specific pages of the website. Coast Host is active in the social media marketing and email marketing, so we wanted to enhance this. The new design includes a Facebook callout, as well as email sign up and an automatic events pull. Complete with a new logo, new tagline and new look and feel, this site is a complete makeover! Keeping all pages and content the same, no functionality was changed in this alteration—it was strictly a facelift!

Be sure to check it out!

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