Internet Explorer 10 Browser Compatibility
May 2nd, 2013

The Compatibility Challenges of IE10

by Ashley Bullin

Web technology is getting smarter and the way we access the internet is always changing. The new Internet Explorer Browser Version 10 (IE10) is a fluid and intuitive experience for viewing information on the web. However, as users change to browsers such as IE10, many websites may face compatibility issues causing features designed into the site to be disabled or rendered improperly.

If your site was built prior to 2013, then you may be experiencing functionality issues in IE10. We optimize for the latest browser updates when launching websites, but we encourage you to stay up to date on this subject. It is best practice to have us revisit your site each year, test it on different browsers and update your metadata.

A helpful resource for educating yourself on web development is: The Browser Statistics section displays long-term browser trends, stating the percentage of users for each. In March of 2013, 12.9% of people used Internet Explorer and 1.3% used IE10 specifically.

It is also up to you, as the site owner, to determine what constitutes an update. If your site isn’t functioning properly on a sole version in which less than 0.5% of people use, it may not be worth it for you to update at this time. Contact us when you’re ready, and we can evaluate what it will take to optimize your site.

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