March 6th, 2018

CoverShots Mobile Canopies

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

The innovative canopies created by CoverShotsTM have been improving the golfing experience at private and public golf courses, commercial driving ranges, golf schools, and collegiate programs since 1997.

With large wheels, motorized capabilities, and retractable roofing, the units protect golfers anywhere on the course from harmful UV rays or inclement weather, reducing the likelihood of lesson cancellations and extending teaching time.


The client’s online presence needed to lead potential customers from homepage to point of purchase by explaining the multiple benefits of CoverShots’ units and presenting the various unit options and corresponding product details.

CoverShots enlisted Sage Island’s web design services to create a powerful, modern website that matched its inventive product line.


Intuitive Navigation

To accomplish this, we structured the site’s primary navigation to explain, from left to right, the product benefits (the About tab), the product details (the Products tab), and how to request a quote (the Contact tab).

Engaging Imagery

We filled the CoverShots homepage with large images of the units, both in use and isolated on a white background. We added an image gallery organized by unit type and populated it with a variety of images, including several showing golfers underneath the unit for scale.

Strategic Copy

Our copywriters crafted messaging aimed at the ideal CoverShots customer-the upper management of a golf course or range. We succinctly listed CoverShots’ many benefits, differentiated it from its competitors, and addressed common questions, all in a persuasive but direct tone.

Cohesive Branding

Our design team utilized the CoverShots brand standards throughout the site. To prevent the overall aesthetic from becoming too heavy, we offset the numerous images and the CoverShots dark green with blocks of white space.

See the results here.

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