AAA tree Service
October 20th, 2016

Creating a Paid Online Presence for AAA Tree Service

by Gregory Mason

AAA Tree Service is a professional tree care company that provides landscaping services for residential and commercial customers in New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick counties. The tree care company originally came to Sage with only a business name and a goal to branch out into the local market and become deeply rooted into the Wilmington area tree industry.


Starting from the ground up, the entire Sage Island team worked together to create a brand identity for AAA Tree Service, which included an authentic logo, original content, and an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional website.

AAA Tree Service

Once the website was launched, the next challenge was to establish and create brand awareness, capture conversions, and stay competitive in their industry. Our marketing team decided the best campaign strategy for achieving these goals was through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


Sage Island’s PPC experts went to work building two traditional search campaigns targeted towards AAA’s main services (traditional tree care and emergency tree care services). With the assistance of keyword research, we were able to build relevant and competitive keyword lists that not only best represented AAA’s services, but also triggered potential users’ search queries. We created multiple ads with different ad copy in order to determine the highest performing ads that drove the best quality traffic to their website. In addition to ad creation, our specialists included call and sitelink extensions to further optimize click-through rate, ad quality score, and overall relevancy. The call extension allows users to directly call AAA Tree Service’s number, and sitelink extensions allow users to further explore other areas of their website that may interest them. Finally, we built a unique page for users to land on once they click one of AAA’s ads. This landing page includes information specific to what users are looking for in terms of needed tree care services, plus a contact form for users to get in touch with the company.


Since their pay-per-click campaign launch in early 2015, AAA Tree Service has successfully cemented themselves in the top rankings of pay-per-click advertising for their services. They have a steady flow of phone calls to their business and follow-up messages from users who chose to fill out and submit a contact form. AAA also consistently sees an increase in traffic and customers following a severe storm or hurricane that effects the Wilmington area. Starting with only a name and a vision, AAA Tree Service has certainly established themselves as the go-to company within their industry. We look forward to their ongoing growth and success as we continue to help them build their online presence through online marketing and advertising strategies.


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