Cucalorus Film Festival 2013 Website Design by Sage Island
September 11th, 2013

Cucalorus 2013 Launches

by sage island

With a few months left before the big event, we have launched the new and improved look for Cucalorus 2013! The Cucalorus Film Festival is one of the largest in the southeast taking place annually here in our own town, Wilmington, North Carolina. Sage Island has had the privilege to be a sponsor of Cucalorus for the past 15 years, and this project has always been a fun one to work on. Each year we put our ‘Wilmywood’ hats on to create a captivating, energetic and just overall fun design concept for a post card campaign promoting the event, brochure handout enticing sponsorship opportunities and a new website interface. Over the years we have perfected the functionality of the Cucalorus website (from neat calendars, to informative film detail pages including embedded trailers) as well as added a fun ‘surprise’ element within the site. This year as you scroll to the footer of the site you’ll notice the monster’s eyes blink occasionally!

2013 Website Design

Cucalorus Film Festival Website Design by Sage Island


2013 Post Card Design

Cucalorus Film Festival Post Card Design by Sage Island


2013 Sponsorship Brochure Design

Cucalorus Film Festival Brochure Design - Outside - Design by Sage Island


Cucalorus Film Festival Brochure - Outside - Design by Sage Island

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