January 13th, 2017

Axis Fitness + Training

by Mara D’Auria

Over the last year, Axis Fitness + Training has been changing people’s lives in Wilmington, NC by setting them on an incredible fitness journey.

Through strength training, conditioning, and heart-rate monitored workouts, the highly knowledgeable trainers at this studio have been pushing people to achieve their own personal goals and seeing real transformations and physical results.


Sage Island had the privilege of designing the website for this new community-driven fitness facility. Because Axis is not just concerned with the physical body but rather the overall health of their clients, they also challenged us with creating a free, downloadable PDF. This document would provide detailed dietary information to their audience, so they could receive nutritional training along with their physical training. Our physical bodies run on the fuel that we feed them, and Axis wanted to ensure that their clients were well-informed about what is best for fueling.


Following the launch of their new website, Sage Island’s team of graphic designers and copywriters set out to develop the Axis Fitness + Training Nutrition & Meal Plan Overview. The layout was key, in that we wanted this to be a document that was easy-to-navigate and simple to understand for new clients. With that, the text itself needed to be complex and informative, yet readable and easy to comprehend.  We also wanted it to coincide with the look and feel of the website and logo for Axis, drawing on the same color schemes and text style.


Since creating the layout, design, and copy to compile the completed Axis Fitness + Training Nutrition & Meal Plan PDF, we were able to add that document to the Axis website’s Nutrition landing page. This allows visitors of the site to easily download the PDF to their own computer for future reference. Axis is now able to benefit their clients even more to experience better overall health.

Sage Island has thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Axis Fitness + Training, and we look forward to future projects, as well as the success of this business and the positive impact they’ll have on the community of Wilmington, NC!

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