Carolina Arthritis Associates Traditional Print Advertising Campaign
September 26th, 2016

Carolina Arthritis

by Mara D’Auria

Carolina Arthritis is a local Wilmington medical facility with years of experience treating patients who suffer from arthritis. The facility has five physicians who are board-certified in rheumatology and always strive to meet the needs of every patient.

As one of the largest independent rheumatology practices in the southeast, Carolina Arthritis aims to treat and eliminate pain caused by arthritis for their patients through an easy and pleasant experience with experts who care.


Carolina Arthritis strives to be an advocate for those suffering from arthritis in the local Wilmington community.

In an effort to raise awareness about their facility, show how it can benefit their patients’ health and overall lifestyle, and reach their target audience in a new setting, they reached out to Sage Island for help creating print advertisements that would run in local magazines.

Sage Island has worked with Carolina Arthritis for years—we designed and built their website and recently began managing their Facebook page.  While these marketing efforts are important and necessary, Carolina Arthritis also wanted to make sure they were reaching those who belong to Wilmington’s more mature demographic who tend to favor traditional print advertising.

The Results

Carolina Arthritis Wilmington Magazine Print Ad

Sage Island’s design team went to work creating an ad that displayed Carolina Arthritis’s vision for the community and supported their image as a local health leader.

This was accomplished through an image of a woman on beach, smiling from ear to ear and enjoying life. The beach represents the local aspect of living in southeastern North Carolina, while the accompanying copy, developed by Sage Island’s writers, tells the reader that through treatment at Carolina Arthritis their patients are able to enjoy the best years of their lives. The color theme matches that of the Carolina Arthritis logo and website, while the image draws in those orange and yellow colors as well.

The advertisement also has a clear call to action, which encourages readers to contact the facility. Check out the final advertisement which was displayed in both SALT Magazine and Wilmington NC Magazine, and let us know if your business or brand is interested in print advertising!

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