January 16th, 2017

Developing a Content Marketing Plan for a Wilmington Law Firm

by Christine Hennessey

Mulligan Epstein Attorneys is a law firm located in Wilmington, NC. They have a client-centered approach that emphasizes aggressive legal representation tailored to their client’s individual needs. They also pride themselves on building long-lasting relationships with the people they work with, and serving as an ongoing resource whenever they’re needed.


When Mulligan Epstein Attorneys first approached Sage Island for help rebuilding their website, they upgraded their site to a warmer, more modern look that conveyed both their knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. Once their new site was complete, they wanted to go the extra mile and focus on content marketing. Content marketing—a type of marketing that involves the creation of original content that engages visitors and establishes the author’s expertise—is an excellent strategy to strengthen SEO and enhance existing social media campaigns. Sage Island’s team of copywriters was happy to assist. 


To make the most of Mulligan Epstein Attorney’s time and budget, our team kicked off a content marketing campaign that consisted of two long-form articles per month. We focused on the law firm’s main areas of service, such as traffic, family law, and workers’ compensation. One we had a broad list of subjects, we had to then narrow these down to specific topics that could be triggered by searches. 


Our team used a number of methods to come up with common search phrases and then wrote helpful, accurate, and easy-to-read articles addressing those questions and concerns. The result are engaging articles such as “What Am I Entitled to in a Divorce?”, “When Do You Need a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Claim?” and “How to Get a North Carolina Driver’s License Reinstated After a DWI.” 

These pieces of content marketing help Mulligan Epstein Attorney’s goals by serving as original content that can be posted on social media, examples of their knowledge and expertise, free resources for their community and potential clients, and SEO-rich copy that will bring in more leads.

Content marketing is an integral and engaging part of any digital marketing strategy, and nearly every industry can benefit from it. If you’d like to try content marketing with your business, contact the Sage Island team today.

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