May 23rd, 2017

Diagnostic Imaging Partners

by Gregory Mason

With a team of 22 board-certified, sub-specialty trained radiologists, Diagnostic Imaging Partners is the leading authority for all your imaging needs.

Complete with a team that has trained at the most prestigious universities, such Duke, UNC and Harvard, it’s obvious why they’re the most trusted practice in the Jacksonville, NC area.

The Challenge

Diagnostic Imaging Partners needed a splash page to attract clients to their business until a full website could be built.

There is a lot of competition in Eastern North Carolina for their services, so it was important to ensure that Diagnostic Imaging Partners stood out in the crowd. Sage Island got busy working to build an eye-catching page and with all the necessities a potential patient might need.

The Solution

Before designing a complete website that truly reflects their practice, Sage Island’s team of designers developed a page that is bold and informative.

The color scheme is professional, yet pops with touches of blues and greens. The font is clean, crisp, and easy to read. The splash page is full of pertinent information that highlights the most essential qualities of this practice such as its knowledgeable staff, superior care, and innovative technology. It offers up all the necessities, and it does it with style – exactly what Diagnostic Imaging Partners needed to promote their practice.

The Results

Diagnostic Imaging Partners Splash Page

This splash page allows Diagnostic Imaging Partners to communicate with patients before having that full, in-depth conversation. It’s an engaging preview that establishes a strong web presence. The new page fulfills it purpose of standing out, informing its audience, and drawing them in with an approachable look and feel.

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