March 19th, 2019


by Katie Sasser

Back Story

DoorBoards are individualized surfboard-shaped door knockers, created by Wilmington artist Dumay Gorham.


The client needed a splash page that would instantly communicate the unique aspects of his product, as well as inform visitors about his process. The website aesthetic also needed to reflect the playful nature of the DoorBoards products.


Dynamic layout

The client requested a very simple splash page to promote his DoorBoards creations. Our design team created a dynamic layout that engaged visitors and included all of the necessary copy and images. Our designers used strong diagonals in the layout to evoke the motion and energy of the client’s surf-themed products.

The designers further reinforced such visual themes through using blue and teal overlays and a cool color palette. These details created a webpage that instantly reflected the client’s style.

Strategic copywriting

Our marketing team wrote copy that was both creative and functional. We used playful, friendly language to reflect the fun nature of the product as well as specific search terms to help the page’s SEO.

See the results here.

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