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March 30th, 2015

Engage Pinterest Followers with Attractive Image Styles

by Rachel Nell

With over 44.5 million users joined since it’s establishment in 2005, Pinterest has quickly built a large, niche community that businesses are beginning to utilize as a channel of marketing. Users can upload, save, sort and manage pins (images) through organized pin boards at no cost. From do-it-yourself projects to motivational quotes, Pinterest features just about anything to get your creative juices flowing and showcase your interests and lifestyle.

What began as a network primarily used by friends and family, it didn’t take long for businesses to recognize Pinterest as a valuable, engaging platform for their customers. But when it comes to using the network for marketing, business owners often question what tactics will captivate their audience and increase sharing activity. Content and relevance may be king, but a brand’s style is what captures and builds loyal followers.

Show Your Products in Use

If your business involves selling goods, appearance is everything. Shoppers are influenced to make purchases when they can picture themselves using the product. For example, what sounds more appealing for a furniture store setting: rows of products lined up and grouped together or sections of living room layouts that include pieces from an entire collection? If you’d like to utilize Pinterest to showcase your products, ensure you’re portraying them in an appropriate manner. An image of a couch with a white background is okay, but an image of the same couch in a home surrounded by tables, lamps and décor increases interest and engagement. Showing products in use also provides customers with an understanding of how items work together to provide a styled look.

Pinterest Image Style             Pinterest Image Style

To give users the best of both worlds, create both images for each of your products. This allows you to target two separate audiences: those who pin images that offer inspiration (plain) and those that have ideas to use the product in a different way (full setting).

Get Creative with Quotes

It’s no surprise that users love to search and repin quotes on Pinterest for motivation and inspiration in their everyday lives. To get the most engagement from followers, it’s important for the quote and supporting image to mirror your company’s tone and mission. Mobile users make up 75% of Pinterest’s traffic—so ensure your message is easy to read. You can also get creative with quote pins using colorful typography options. Fun, imaginative and visually appealing, typography is an artwork in itself—no image required.

Motivational Quote Images   Typography Image Styles

Create High Quality Images

Sharing uniquely captured images with clear details may be just what it takes to get your followers more engaged. Pinterest users love interesting photos that utilize lighting, angles and distances. If your business revolves around do-it-yourself services such as cooking, there’s nothing better than a close-up of the process. Pinterest gained its popularity from the infinite stacked images and instructions for DIY crafts, recipes, beauty techniques and more. The more detailed you get with your images, the more likely users will provide feedback and engagement in return.

Understand the Value of an Infographic

Not only are infographics great content to pin, they also establish your business as a reliable, up-to-date resource on the latest industry news. Focus on infographics relevant to your business that display a good mix of imagery and data. Make sure to include your brand name on any infographics created in-house to help build your identity. For increased shares, include an embed code in the footer of the graphic or inside the pin’s description—this will encourage followers to re-pin and share your content on other websites.

Rejuvenate Non-Visual Content

Food, DIY, home decor and beauty may make up the majority of pins due to their visual appeal, but that shouldn’t dilute your interest in the platform if your business lies outside those industries. It all comes down to thinking outside of the box and getting creative with your content. A pin labeled “5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy” might not be easy to pair with a picture, but with the right coloring and layout, the pin can easily turn into an attention-grabber. Try pinning and creating images that include calls to action and links to lists. Telling viewers directly what to do suggests they will learn something by clicking on the pin. And because lists are one of most popular types of online content, non-visual, title images literally speak for themselves.

If you’re new to Pinterest or indecisive about what types of imagery to use for your services, let our social media specialists establish your identity and refine your strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can build a successful Pinterest strategy that will entice users, increase followers and boost overall engagement.

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