Evolve Companies Real Estate Development Brand Identity System Design
August 23rd, 2016

Evolve Management Group

by sage island

Back Story

Evolve Management Group is a real estate firm specializing in the development, construction, management, and investment of conventional and student housing properties.

Senior management for Evolve boasts 80 years of combined apartment industry experience, which means they know their industry. Because of this, the firm is focused on and dedicated to developing and acquiring premier communities and creating value for its partners.


Evolve Management Group has clear goals and laser focus that gives them a competitive edge.

To accomplish these goals and create value for their partners, build up surrounding communities, and provide excellent customers service, they needed to ensure their brand continued to evolve.

That’s why they came to Sage Island. Our team helped them showcase their important goals and remarkable qualities with a total rebranding of the firm. This included a logo and brand identity that echoed their innovative mission and highlighted their desire to create superior, modern and luxurious communities.

The Results

Evolve Management Group’s new logo is modern and polished, just like their firm.

The distinctive signature feels contemporary and professional, while the muted navy blue color with the simple circle is classic and elegant. While the logo is bold and packs a punch, its understated enough to show that flashy logos and gimmicks aren’t needed at Evolve Management Group. We’re excited to see how this business and brand continues to grow in the years ahead.

Evolve Property Management Company Logo Design

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