Evolve Companies Property Management Website Design
April 7th, 2015

Evolve Management Group

by Mara D’Auria

Evolve Management Group is a real estate development and management company that focuses on progressive, modern housing communities for students, families, and young professionals in the Southeastern United States. They also offer opportunities to new investors and lenders, as well as professional management services for owners. A fairly new and quickly growing company, Evolve needed a redesigned website that would connect to each of these audiences in a natural way, and a brand identity that would help them draw the right type of residents, owners, and investors to their doors.

The team at Sage Island accomplished these goals by creating a clean, easy-to-navigate website that captures the fun, modern feeling of Evolve, with different landing pages for each audience. The “Live” page is designed for residents, with information about and photos from the different Evolve communities. The “Work” page contains company information, glowing testimonials, and current openings for people who’d like to join the team. Finally, a soon-to-come “Invest” page will host investment analysis and summaries for their current and future projects, and will be continually updated with photos, leasing information, and progress reports.

In addition to the website, Sage Island also created a fresh logo for the company and partnered with them for a more dynamic tagline. Evolve’s goal is to build better housing; Sage Island’s is to build better brands. We’re excited to work with Evolve in order to achieve their goals, and ours.

Check our their website here: http://evolvecos.com

Old Design:

before shot

New Design:

Evolve Companies Homepage
Evolve Companies Homepage
Evolve Companies Website Footer

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