November 4th, 2016

Extra Attic Self-Storage

by Mara D’Auria

Extra Attic Self-Storage has been serving the storage needs of southeastern North Carolina since 1984. Their goal is to provide a clean, affordable, and secure environment where their customers can store family heirlooms and other valuables. With six locations in cities such as Raleigh, Wilmington, Apex, and Morrisville, and unique features such as boat storage and wine cellars, they offer a variety of solutions to fit every individual customer.


Sage Island has worked with Extra Attic Self-Storage for a number of years—we first designed their website in 2008, and have hosted it ever since. We also do search engine marketing and social media for the company, maintaining their six Google Plus pages (one for each location) and writing a monthly blog post that includes tips and tricks for making the most of a self-storage.

Our challenge this time was updating Extra Attic’ website in order to give it a fresher and more modern feel. We also needed to ensure the site was responsive, as more and more customers were visiting their website through smartphones and tablets. Responsive websites also have better SEO, an important consideration in the self-storage industry, where competition can be fierce. 


To improve Extra Attic Self-Storage’s online presence, the team at Sage Island made the following changes.

We re-designed the website for a fresh, modern feel.

The new website was designed with the same logo and color scheme to carry over branding and their visual identity. Nearly every other aspect, however, received an update. The new banner includes an image of a happy a woman, with a message that can be updated monthly to keep the site fresh and relevant. The “Make a Payment” button is prominently displayed in the upper right hand corner, since that’s why most current customers access the site. It reveals a drop down menu, allowing the user to choose which location they’d like to pay. There is also a “Latest Deal” section, that boasts specials customers, new and current, can claim, as well as an interactive Google map that shows where each Extra Attic Self-Storage is located. 

We programmed the website to be responsive.

In an era where smartphones and tablets outnumber laptops and desktops, a responsive site is key. This means that a website can scale automatically to any size screen, making it easier to navigate.  It’s also increasingly important for SEO. Many business owners don’t realize that organic search rank is separated into individual grades and not just an overall “score” for their website. A site viewed from a laptop might rank well organically, but has the potential to never show up in mobile searches if it’s not optimized correctly. As more users access a website from their phones and tablets, it builds a mobile reputation—good or bad. Extra Attic Self-Storage wanted to be on the “good” list, and with a few backend tweaks, we made sure they got there.

We created call-out graphics and new pages for each location.

Extra Attic Self-Storage has six separate locations. While each one shares the reputation and quality of Extra Attic, they all offer a slightly different experience, with their own unique features. Thanks to prominent call-out graphics on the homepage and individual landing pages, we were able to give each location the love it deserves. Now users can find what they want and get the storage they need as close to home as possible. Great for their customers, and great for Extra Attic.


Thanks to a new, modern, responsive design, Extra Attic Self-Storage looks better than ever. Visit it today and let us know what you think!