June 15th, 2012

New Facebook Ad Network – Facebook Exchange

by Chris Dunn

Some exciting new has broke that Facebook is in the works to create a new service called Facebook Exchange, which means that Facebook is going to start integrating their own network similar to the enormous and very successful Google Network. Currently, companies and brands advertise on Facebook by targeting users interests, likes, and demographics, but soon these brands will have the opportunity to ‘Retarget’ Facebook users based on what they browse outside of the Social Network. Facebook Exchange works by placing cookies on third-party sites which will indicate a user’s intent to buy. After that cookie is triggered, Facebook ads will then be exposed to that specific user.

Here is an example given by Mashable, “So if you’re in the market for a car and peruse car reviews online, your computer will remember — and thanks to Facebook Exchange, this will increase the likelihood that you’ll see ads for cars on the social network.” This tool will help marketers better understand which users are actually in the buying cycle or and which users are not. Giving advertisers the ability to choose to bid on these users profile ad space – or to avoid them entirely. As an internet marketing company we tend to see great results with Google’s Retargeting ads, as our ads follow Google user’s through their daily browsing of the Google Network. This may spark the debate of whether or not this is an invasion of privacy, or could it be a win-win for companies and their potential buyers? Let us know what you think!

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