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March 6th, 2012

Is Your Business Facebook Page Ready for Timeline?

by Mike Duncan

You may have heard recently that Facebook has rolled out a new look and feel for their Business Pages, called “Facebook Timeline.” (We know, we know, RIGHT when we were getting used to things the way they were!) We wanted to walk you through the changes so you are prepared of how it will affect the look of your own page, and also offer you a special deal (custom graphics!) to get your page ready for the new design. All Facebook Business Pages will have this new look by March 30th, so contact us to get yours ready to go!

Facebook Timeline:

1.) The main changes coming are with the images, either your logo or profile image will need to be adjusted. The new “Profile Picture” size is a small square– no more than 180 x 180 pixels. See the example in our header above.

2.) The “Cover Photo” feature will be added to the Facebook Business Pages. You may have seen this feature for your personal page already. The Cover Photo is a great large image-a maximum 851 x 315 pixels. This is a large space that is excellent real estate for your brand messaging. While there are some guidelines for the space (like you can’t include prices or specific offers) it is definitely something to take advantage of. Sage Island can help create a nice new cover image, or you can choose a photo reflective of your industry, style, or business.

3.) Apps and custom Welcome Pages are moving under the profile picture area. You can no longer select a “default landing tab” as before, so if you created a fancy welcome page, visitors will actually have to click on it instead of landing on it automatically.

4.) You can make a certain post “stick” by “pinning” it to the top of your page; “pinned” posts stay up for seven days.

5.) Your admin panel has moved to the upper right side of the page. From there you can manage most of the page functionality you had before. Selecting admins, adding apps, etc.

6.) Another GREAT addition is the ability for your fans to private message your brand/company and for the brand be able to respond to the fan. (Before, if a fan asked a question and you wanted to respond privately, you had to do so through a personal profile.) Now you can respond as the brand, which will help with customer service.

We hope this helps answer your questions about the ever changing Facebook world and the new look of the Business Pages. Visit Sage Island and Warehouse Skateboards on Facebook for examples of the new layout. To further help you with the transition, we are offering all of clients a custom Cover Photo and Profile Image for one low rate between now and March 30th. It is important to keep your page current and timely, so please contact your Account Executive to get started.

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