Farmers Grain Express Web Development by Sage Island
December 4th, 2013

Farmers Grain Express Launches

by Gregory Mason

We recently designed and developed a website for Farmers Grain Express, Inc. (FGX), a company with 23 years of experience in bulk transportation brokerage and logistics. Providing outstanding freight transportation services nationwide, FGX needed a site that represented their professionalism and long-standing bulk transportation experience.

Our goal was to create an informational website that speaks to shipping and logistics managers of large companies looking for quality transportation service. The new website offers the opportunity to solidify FGX as the trusted source for nationwide transportation scheduling, quality equipment and logistics all with the very best industry rates.

The site was designed to give FGX a competitive edge in their industry. The target audience for this site is corporate executives looking for a reputable, established company to handle their very specific needs. We designed the site make FGX accessible, professional and a trusted source. Check out the final product below!

Farmers Grain Express Website Design and Development by Sage Island

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