April 25th, 2018

The Forte Institute

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

The Forte Institute develops communication style reports that have helped 6,000 clients around the world improve interpersonal communication, build effective teams, and increase productivity.

It has created eight specific reports that can be used by individuals, coaches, managers and trainers in a variety of industries for many different needs, from personal to cooperative.


The Forte Institute enlisted Sage Island to redesign its existing website to achieve a more modern look and intuitive navigation. The company offers a number of reports, but each one appeals to a specific person in an organization or addresses a particular company need. Therefore, our challenge was to funnel a diverse audience of site visitors to the most applicable pages for their requirements.

Forte also wanted to demonstrate the quality of the reports by presenting scientific facts, company experience, and client case studies: therefore reinforcing its innovation and professionalism through the site’s look and feel, as well as through evidence and applicable examples.


Thoughtful Menu Organization

Our development team created a drop-down menu in the center of the homepage prompting visitors to identify themselves as a coach/trainer, a corporate HR professional, a leader/manager, or an individual. They would then be directed to fill out a form pertaining to their specific needs, eliminating the need to search the website for the relevant forms or reports.

We also structured the primary navigation menu to lead visitors from the homepage to Forte’s contact form. Our menu guided visitors, from left to right, along the following path:

  • Learning about the Forte Institute (Who We Are)
  • Discovering general information about the process (What We Do)
  • Realizing the various applications of the Forte reports (Solutions)
  • Seeing the specific reports (Reports)
  • Learning how the reports helped others (Case Studies)

Helpful Case Studies

The Forte Institute’s existing website included both case studies and an impressive client list, but they were buried in a PDF document that was difficult for those who were new to Forte to consume and appreciate. In an effort to focus on quality rather than quantity, we asked Forte to choose a select number of clients and case studies to feature on the new website.

We placed the chosen client logos on the homepage and created an elegantly styled case study page. Each case study not only highlighted a client testimonial, but also included a sidebar identifying the client’s position in his or her company and which reports were used. That way, site visitors could quickly locate case studies relevant to their needs, position or business.

Powerful, Modern Aesthetic

Our design team conveyed Forte’s professionalism and innovation through:

  • Using Forte’s black and blue color palette throughout the site
  • Combining a heavy, serif typeface (for headers) with a modern, condensed typeface (for body copy)
  • Creating headers with large, dynamic photographs and call-to-action buckets with monochromic imagery and sleek hover states

See the results here.

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