November 12th, 2010

Freeline Launched!

by sage island

I am pleased to announce on Monday we launched the new and improved online presence for Freeline. Known as ‘The Next Ride’, Freeline offers a new and innovative sport that is being seen all over the country, and world—the Freeline Skates. These skates were created in 2003 and feature dual independent skates with 2 wheels allowing the riders to ride faster, carve smooth ‘S’ turns and create new trick combos.

In an effort to support the growing Freeline community of fans and riders, this new website features a unique interactive community catered just for Freeliners. This community allows registered members to participate in forums, check out upcoming events, view videos and images and create a personal Freeline profile. This community even allows members to find other friends, exchange messages and engage in conversations via wall posts.

In addition to the community, the Freeline website also promotes and sells their products online; provides background information on the Freeline company; includes brief bios on the pro-team riders with each rider managing their own photos in a Flickr embedded photo gallery; has a separate retail login specifically for wholesale; and finally has a database driven authorized retailer search…WOW!

There is definitely more to come with this site as it continues to grow and expand, so be sure to check back often. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new site, store and community!

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