June 16th, 2017

Get More From Your Score

by Mara D’Auria

Dr. Matthew Janik is a local cardiologist who is passionate about saving lives by reducing the heart attacks and strokes through preventive medicine. To help him in this quest, Dr. Janik founded Your Heart Report in 2014 with a mission to promote the use of Cardiac Calcium scoring to help save lives and prevent major heart issues.

Recently, he also found time to write a book. It’s called Get more from your Score, and fulfills a few different goals. First, it’s an accessible and informative way for patients to learn how to incorporate CCS into their daily lives as a heart attack prevention strategy. Second, it’s a useful education tool for doctors who want to inspire their patients to embrace CCS and take their health into their own hands. And finally, it’s a way for Dr. Janik to spread the word about CCS and help others incorporate this incredible tool in their own practices. Dr. Janik believes that knowing your score and what it means is integral to better health; this book is the first step toward achieving that goal.

The Challenge

Writing a book is only half the battle. In order for it to actually make an impact, Dr. Janik needed to promote and sell it.

To do this, he wanted a simple, one-page website that would showcase his insightful book and encourage sales. The Sage Island team immediately went to work, building an eye catching and informative page that highlighted the importance of the Get More from your Score guide.

The Solution

Sage Island’s team of designers developed a page that is appealing and educational.

The color scheme is professional, popping with serene touches of blues and greens. The font is clean, crisp and easy to read. The splash page is full of pertinent information that highlights the most essential qualities of Dr. Janik and how important this book is for heart health. It was also important that the page be geared to doctors and patients, with separate areas that address both groups unique questions and concerns. The page is well organized with bold headers for easy navigation. The layout is user friendly and makes it readable and engaging for doctors and patients alike.

The Results

This Get More from Your Score splash page offers patients and doctors an insightful glance into Dr. Janik and his helpful, fascinating, and well-written book.

It’s a revealing preview that establishes a strong web presence for this client and his projects. The new page fulfills it purpose of standing out, informing its audience, and drawing them in with an approachable look and feel. You might say we “heart” this page—check it out and let us know if you agree!

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