May 12th, 2011

Google +1 Button Coming Soon For Websites

by Chris Dunn

Beginning in March, a small percentage of US Google Search users began seeing the +1 button appear in their search result pages. The +1 button is extremely similar to that of Facebook’s Like button or the Twitter Tweet It button.

In order to +1 a site, your Google profile needs to be public. All of your +1s will be stored in a new tab within your profile. The goal of Google’s +1 button is to help you as a user get recommendations for sites that interest you, based off of sites that your friends +1’ed.

Earlier this week, Google developers gave a sneak peak of how the Google +1 button is implemented within sites, the stats that it will display and a rollout timeline. Below are a few takeaways.

Implementing your +1 button: The buttons are available in a range of sizes. Using a simple code generator, you can specify the particular size and count features you would like to associate with your +1 button.

Reporting +1 statistics: Through Google Webmaster Central, you will have the ability to report statistics based on overall +1 activity, demographics and location.

Rollout timeline: “Weeks” out per Google.

Do you plan to use the +1 button or implement it on your website? Let us know! Stay tuned as our internet marketing team will continue to keep you up-to-date on the upcoming rollout.

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