May 24th, 2010

Google offers free fonts for the Web

by Elizabeth Peavy

There was lots of exciting tech news announced last week during Google I/O. Everyone is talking about Google TV and thanks to my RSS feeds, I was able to stay up to date on news like Google’s purchase of Simplify Media, new apps for the Iphone and Android, and everything in between.  One update in particular that caught our designer’s eye was the release of free fronts by Google. On Wednesday Google  announced the release of 18 high quality open source fonts and a tool that can “smooth over browser issues”  in displaying the fonts. Web designers are pretty excited about the announcement.

“In an attempt to move beyond drab typography on the Web, Google on Wednesday released 18 freely usable fonts and an open-source tool designed to smooth over browser issues in displaying downloaded fonts.

A number of Web designers–if not all readers–are excited that newer browsers support downloadable fonts so sites can use more than the handful that it’s safe to assume are installed already on people’s computers. For every eyeball-searing grunge font and blood-pressure-raising instance of Comic Sans, there’s a tasteful use of an artful logo or distinctive text.

But font licensing rules mean a Web designer can’t necessarily upload any old font for a site. This is where Google’s move, announced at its Google I/O conference, comes in. The company released 18 fonts and also announced an interface that lets Web sites use them.”

Read full article here on cnet News.

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