May 5th, 2011

Google Voice Search

by sage island

Earlier this week, Google began testing their new Voice Search feature, which is a voice activated search that recognizes several different languages and different speech patterns. This feature has been available for some time now on the Android platform phones, but until now has never been tested for your home and office computers. When the voice feature recognizes your microphone settings, it includes a “Speak Now” button located next to the search bar.  And the search doesn’t just stop there; the new voice feature allows you to speak commands as well. For example, if I speak “Directions to Sage Island Marketing Agency” it will pull up the Google Maps tab and provide the directions that I had asked for. I can also say “Listen to Lady Gaga” and it will pull up the appropriate program, such as Pandora, and begin playing the station that you had asked for.

Some may believe that this feature is not as helpful in settings like the office, but for the people that can speak much faster than they can type, this feature could be fully utilized. A voice search desktop widget could also be in the works for this product. Google has given no statement that they plan to permanently include this feature on their site, but for now it is released to a select amount of users.

What do you think about Google Voice Search?

It's more than a message in a bottle.

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