July 31st, 2015

Handgo Merchandising Solutions

by Gregory Mason

Handgo Merchandising Solutions is an online source that provides strategic and innovative merchandising and shopping solutions to large and small retailers, brands, and distributors.

Handgo’s products, which include hand baskets, endcaps, and modular display systems, allow businesses to better promote, sell, and protect their products.

As a partner of Joalpe International, Handgo needed a website that could highlight their products in a clean and organized manner and target the businesses they wanted to reach.

Handgo approached Sage Island for assistance, and we were happy to help.

After working with Handgo and our team of designers, programmers, and writers, the result is a clean website with few frills. Instead of focusing on Handgo, we stripped away everything but the essential information. This keeps the focus on the businesses Handgo serves, and allows their products to take center stage.

The site is designed and developed in WordPress, an easy-to-use content and inventory management system. This allows Handgo to edit and update their own site as inventory changes and new products are developed. The site is also built with on-page elements that have been expertly crafted for search engine optimization, ensuring that the clients who need Handgo’s products can find them.

Speaking of Handgo’s products, each one is accessed via a prominent drop down menu. Handgo’s products have unique names, such as “Pull&go,” “Pick&go,” and “Hang’nPick&go.” While these names are memorable and reflect Handgo’s creativity and inventive spirit, they aren’t quite descriptive enough for first-time visitors.

To help guide customers to the right solution, Sage Island’s team of writers crafted copy to compliment Handgo’s product images, with short, descriptive captions and a bulleted list of benefits and uses.

When it’s time to hit the buy button, a custom-built order form pops out, which makes closing the deal a breeze. The final result is a product page and a website that’s useful, engaging, and irresistible.

Check out their new site: http://www.handgogroup.com/

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