April 23rd, 2018

Hornwood, Inc.

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Hornwood is a fabric manufacturer based in central North Carolina. They are a service-oriented and community-minded business that creates warp and circular knitted fabrics for a number of different markets.

They recently expanded their capabilities when they joined forces with Game Time Fabrics, a longtime player in the athletic and active wear apparel market.


Hornwood approached Sage Island to redesign their Flash website in a content management system that was responsive, modern, and easy to update. They wanted to highlight each market they served—reverse osmosis filtration, automotive, medical, banners, footwear, and athletics—while maintaining a cohesive brand and consistent message.

They also presented us with the challenge of incorporating Game Time Fabrics as a unique identity, but still in league with the Hornwood brand.


A B2B Strategy

Before creating Hornwood’s site, we first defined a general persona for those who would be visiting the website most often. We decided that, as a business-to-business organization, Hornwood’s target market was primarily made up of well-informed, detail-oriented professionals purchasing fabric for market use. Therefore, we knew that we needed to organize the website to allow them to navigate immediately to the information pertinent to their market, rather than leading them through each product category in a general sales approach.

Intuitive Organization

To accomplish this, we created an intuitive primary menu that segments the information by market and offers general information about the Hornwood team and facility, its fabric-making process, and its community involvement.

We made the Game Time brand prominent, but still secondary to Hornwood by adding it to the menu as a separate item and creating a large call-to-action bucket on the homepage advertising its extensive capabilities.

Dynamic Branding

Another challenge was balancing the website’s dual goals of delivering adequate details for professional fabric buyers while still invoking an engaging, branded web presence. We did this by filling the homepage and secondary pages with large, dynamic images and incorporating the bold red from Hornwood’s logo throughout. Our design team selected a modern sans-serif typeface that mimicked the aesthetic of the Hornwood logo mark.

See the results here.

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