June 30th, 2014

What to Include in Your Current Marketing Strategy

by Mel Beasley

With the endless marketing tactics to consider while creating or refreshing your marketing strategy, it’s hard to know where to begin. Sorting through which ones will actually help your business can be overwhelming, and identifying what will be most beneficial for your bottom line largely depends on your industry and budget. But there are several tactics that stand out from the rest. Read on for the top three tactics you should consider including in your marketing plan.

Content Marketing

You’ve heard it before—content is king. But not just any content; there are many things to consider before sitting down and writing endless copy about your product or service. Think about who your target audience is, and if there is more than one persona you’re trying to reach—you’ll need to write various content to appeal to each. Consider the challenges they may have, and focus your content as a means to help them solve problems. Carefully select your voice for the content, or the way in which you speak to this audience. Include a call to action so that readers can find out more about your business, make a purchase, sign up to receive communications from you or convert in other ways. Lastly, make sure you are sharing the content in relevant places online. Utilize social media and/or online advertising tactics to spread your content across the web.

Social Media Advertising

In today’s world, it’s not enough just to be active on social media. At least not unless you’re a nationally recognized brand with a marketing budget that could put your net worth to shame. Small business owners are struggling to ensure their voice is being heard. Facebook’s organic reach is declining as their stock prices are rising—these social media giants are out to make money. And if you want to reach new audiences, or even your current audience, you have to invest in social media advertising. There are a variety of campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to help meet your specific objectives. Whether you want to increase your following, drive traffic to your site or spread the news on a certain promotion or business initiative, social media advertising can help you meet your goals faster than many other marketing tactics out there.

Graphic Design

A good design can make or break a brand. But even more than that, visuals play a huge role in both content marketing and social media. Suppose you craft the perfect piece of content for your company and you’re ready to share it with the world. You’re not a graphic designer, and you sure don’t have anyone on staff that knows Photoshop, so you pull a free stock photo (or even worse—a piece of clipart), insert it into the content and call it a day. You invest hard earned dollars into promoting this content to your social media fans and followers, only you’re seeing little to no results. Neglecting imagery is one of the biggest mistakes content marketers make. And this problem often occurs in social media advertising campaigns as well. It’s clear that visuals make a huge difference in click rates, and investing in graphic design is worth it. Not to mention the benefits associated with portraying a clean, professional image online.

Content marketing, social media advertising and graphic design may not solely guarantee success for your marketing strategy. But hand in hand, these three complement each other better than most other marketing tactics could. And if you’re looking for a reputable local company to carry out your marketing strategy, or if you just need help making sense of it all, Sage Island can help. Our team of account managers, programmers, designers and marketing specialists can help your business succeed.


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