February 9th, 2009

Innovations from Yahoo!

by sage island

The way we use search engines is about to be turned upside down. Yahoo! is finalizing an application that will keep track of your searches, recognize when you are doing research and store the information for later use. The new tool, Yahoo! Search Pad, is still in the test phases, but according to company previews the tool will work like an elaborate bookmarking system.

For example, if you are researching a vacation and purchasing a new TV, separate categories will emerge in your Search Pad that will allow you to keep sites organized and grouped. You can go back to the Search Pad and write summaries about the sites you have visited, delete sites you no longer need and order them as you see fit. The tool can be turned off on a search by search basis or turned off completely.Yahoo! Search Pad is a great example of how Yahoo! is working to set themselves apart from Google and other search engines.

To learn more about this new tool check out this video from Tom Chi, Senior Director of Product Management for Yahoo Search.

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