February 27th, 2017

Intracoastal Eye Care

by Christine Hennessey

Intracoastal Eye is Wilmington’s premier provider of eye care solutions. Headed by Dr. Gregory Johnson, a comprehensive ophthalmologist, they offer a broad range of eye care for patients of all ages.

Thanks to their success, they’re now expanding. The practice is currently prepping for a move to a bigger location. It will include a beautiful retail space stocked with the latest eyewear brands, as well as staff who can help patients find the perfect pair.


As Intracoastal Eye was planning their move and expansion, they thought it would be a good time to refresh their brand.

While their previous logo and website were serviceable, they were focused more on utility and medical services. Intracoastal Eye was interested in pivoting to more of a lifestyle brand, one that offers style in addition to substance and caters to Wilmington’s hipper and higher-end markets.

Intracoastal Eye Physicians Logo Design


To begin the re-branding process, the team at Sage Island started with the most basic piece of the puzzle—the logo.

Because Intracoastal Eye is already established and well-known in the Wilmington market, we didn’t want their new look to be completely unrecognizable. The goal was a refresh, rather than a redesign.

This goal was accomplished by shortening the name of the company to Intracoastal Eye (it was previously known as Intracoastal Eye Physicians).

We embraced a new color palette, opting for coastal blues, greys, and orange to bring in a little warmth. And we made the logo younger and more energetic through a more obvious wave design. The wave works on many levels—it reminds the viewer of sunset over the ocean, while at the same time evoking an eye, thanks to an orange “pupil” and rays that look like lashes.

The Results

We’re thrilled with the way Intracoastal Eye’s new logo came out, and we can’t wait to incorporate it into the next phase of their rebranding—their newly designed website. Stay tuned for that project, and for Intracoastal Eye’s grand opening in May!

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