April 11th, 2017

Kona Skatepark

by Mara D’Auria

Known as the “oldest surviving skatepark,” Kona Skatepark has been around since 1977. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, it offers skateboarding lessons, skateboarding camps, special events, and daily passes for people who want to experience the park that’s on every skater’s bucket list.


Over the years, Kona Skatepark has survived thanks to passion, hard work, and the ability to keep their skatepark popular and relevant.

Their website, on the hand, had not kept up with the times quite as well. When they approached Sage Island their site was dated, difficult to navigate, and no longer captured the spirit and energy for which Kona is known. To survive and thrive for another 40 years (and beyond) they knew they needed a website that would inform visitors about their storied history, encourage first timers to make a pilgrimage, and give locals a reason to return again and again.


To give Kona Skatepark a sleek and modern look, the Sage Island team employed several strategies from a few different angles. These included the following:

Redesigned the website to highlight large images that capture the energy of the park.

Our graphic designers used large scale, high quality photos, most of which were taken at the park itself. By incorporating these original images into the design, we kept the focus on what truly matters—the park and the people who skate there. To maintain brand consistency and messaging, the hero image was placed under a green filter, which matches the park’s logo and makes the copy stand out. Just below this main image are three call-out graphics, which lead to the three most important landing pages—Kona Pass, Lessons, and Camps. The ultimate purpose of Kona Skatepark’s website is to encourage people to come to the park, and each of these pages align with that goal. At the bottom of the homepage are two videos that play natively on the site with a simple click. These videos offer an engaging and informative multi-media experience, further educating the public about all Kona Skatepark offers.

Organized information in an easy-to-navigate drop-down menu.

Once visitors are hooked by exciting graphics and engaging videos, they naturally want to know more about the park. This is where the rest of the website comes in. A drop-down menu in the header contains all the information a visitor needs to plan a fun trip to Kona Skatepark. Pages such as Hours, Rates & Info tells them when they can skate and for how much, the Events page leads to an embedded calendar that offers an easy way to view and add new events, and News provides a spot for the skatepark staff to publish fresh content, connecting with their audience and strengthening SEO.

The Results

Ready to take their new website for a spin? Check it out and let us know what you think! http://www.konaskatepark.com/

kona skatepark


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