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January 30th, 2012

LCF Hospice Freshens Site!

by sage island

Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center is a great example of a client that takes the initiative to constantly keep their site updated and fresh with new content, new pages and periodically new look and feel. The new site was developed in 2008 and since then we continue to periodically perform work on the site.

Recently, we were contacted to make minor changes to the look and feel of the website to better match their new marketing materials. Their new marketing materials now include a new logo and some ‘tree leaves’ scattered in the background. To help mimic this look, we did just that on the website. They are also really involved in their social media so we additionally added graphics to promote Twitter, Facebook and their recently developed WordPress blog. You can see below how minor cosmetic changes, though simple, are enough to make a difference to the viewer, ensuring the site’s content and look remain fresh and updated.

2008 Site

2011 Site

Lower Cape Fear Hospice Website Design

While making changes throughout the site, we also transformed the previous Foundation section of the website, into its own ‘mini-site’ complete with a unique design skin (background/look) to make it obvious you are jumping into a new section of the site. Now, when clicking on ‘foundation’ in the primary navigation, you still remain within the site’s domain, but are taken to a section of the site with its own look and feel, dynamic left menu. Another fun thing we did to update the site was to utilize Flickr for the photo gallery, allowing the client the ability to add albums (sets) to Flickr and embed these into the site for ease of viewing and management.

Foundation Section

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