September 8th, 2017

The Learning Tree

by Mara D’Auria

The Learning Tree’s staff seeks to nurture children in a happy and secure environment, and has prided itself on low ratios and long tenures—many of its members have worked together since 1997 with a great amount of success amongst their students.


When the Wilmington school wanted to refresh its website and bring on a rejuvenated look, the Sage Island team jumped on board with the project. The main objective was to create something that would inform parents, yet emulate the goals that The Learning Tree holds for its students: an environment in which they can learn, yet enjoy the carefree wonder of childhood.


To give The Learning Tree everything it needed to effectively communicate with the parents of its students, Sage Island employed a few key strategies in design:

Inviting colors and vintage design

Because the school centers on a soothing and enriching environment, Sage Island’s design team went to work on creatives with a color pallet in mind that would reflect those qualities. Teal blues and light greens compliment the natural imagery employed to reiterate the school’s name, as well as highlight the graphics of leaves and trees interspersed throughout the site’s content.

Cohesive layout and flow

Logical flow was a must for The Learning Tree’s website, since the idea was to make it family-oriented, yet informed. Dropdown menus specifying which content is especially for parents, as well as quick access to teacher and classroom information, are clearly labeled above an alert message bar. Sage Island wanted to make the website easy for anyone, even a parent on the go, to find exactly what he or she needed to stay involved with a child’s education.

Built-in forms and other resources

Knowing that it’s better to have all the pieces in play, Sage Island included application and medical forms as well as fee information, a calendar of upcoming events, and details on teachers and class programs; all of these were among essential pieces to making even just the homepage for The Learning Tree a premier resource for local families.

The Results

Check out the completed project here:

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