May 10th, 2017

Lepley Recruiting Consultants

by Mara D’Auria

Lepley Recruiting Consultants is a local organization on the cutting edge of human capital recruiting who specializes in candidates with backgrounds in business, psychology and technology.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, they offer a strong vision, a superior network, and the ability to effectively asses the needs of those they partner with. Finding the perfect fit for their clients and candidates is paramount for the Lepley team.


For a company that’s all about networking, it was important for their new website to make a great first impression. A fresh, modern, and updated website was a must. As the world of recruiting continues to evolve and progress, they understood that their website needed to change with the times.


To give Lepley Recruiting Consultants a website that promotes their mission while offering a fresh and modern feel, the team at Sage Island came up with several solutions. These included a complete overhaul of their site, images and copy that captured their passion and personality, a bold new logo, and a revised structure for resources and information. Here’s how we did it:

We redesigned their website for a professional, polished look.

To clearly show who Lepley Recruiting Consultants is and what they do, our designers created a site that is clean, visually pleasing and well organized. The font is modern, professional and easy to read. A bold new color scheme shows personality without being overwhelming. The updated layout is clear and cohesive throughout the site. High quality imagery takes this site to another level of professionalism and gives an upscale vibe that reflects the work that is done at Lepley Recruiting Consultants. The new logo created by Sage Island designers is the finishing and defining touch to this fresh new site.

We organized and streamlined informational resources.

The information and resources that Lepley Recruiting Consultants provides its clients is essential. It was important to showcase their career opportunities page and make it easy to navigate. It is now well-defined and the new format makes it simple to search for positions and submit resumes. The thought leadership section is now an engaging feed that allows Lepley team to connect with clients and share pertinent information.

We created print collateral for essential networking conferences.

Another crucial part of the recruiting world is traveling to conferences and building long lasting relationships. To help in these endeavors, the Sage Island team created appealing print collateral such as banners and rack cards to be utilized at these conferences. These new marketing pieces not only reflect the Lepley mission but assist them in standing out among the crowd. We carried the look and feel from the website over to the banners and other promotional materials. This helps create a strong brand identify and a cohesive look that spans the whole campaign.


Lepley Recruiting Consultants now has a cohesive, organized, and beautiful website that clearly portrays their purpose. We are confident it will help them attract clients and candidates and set them apart from the competition.

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