November 9th, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

by sage island

The big, awaited event is finally here! Cucalorus 17 (as in 17 years in the making!) begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday! If you haven’t noticed a surplus of people swarming our small town, you just may! Filmmakers and fans from all over have already started rolling into Wilmington, NC where the festival takes place! Films will be screening in venues including Thalian Hall Center, City Stage Theature, Jengo’s Playhouse and the Soapbox. It has truly been an honor, joy and pleasure working with the Cucalorus team and helping contribute such an important part to the event: the website and print materials. I know the Sage Island team is excited to attend the event and are counting down the hours until tomorrow’s start date! Make sure you all get your tickets today and go out and support such a great community event. See you there!


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